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Here is July issue of our mag.
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Today is a new beginning for Morphopsychology. I hope that it will be easier for everyone to understand how powerful this science is.
However, one must be wary of hasty conclusion. Studying the whole personality requires time and perspicacity, leaving no room for quick assessment. Accuracy is possible only with appropriate training, and in depth learning and studying is a must. It is possible to learn faster by signing up on my website, and set up an individual and personal online coaching at , I am open to suggestions.
I received a request for an Androïd version of Morphomag so I am planning to deliver Morphomag in EPUB software. It is possible to connect on the contact page of my website and give one’s opinion on this possibility. That will be a new version but the actual one will still be available.
The “Corman said” heading is back with a sentence quoted from “The creative bisexuality”, the last book Corman wrote. It is the conclusion and somewhat the masterpiece of his whole life spent to help others.
Once again I try to be informative and explain what most of my readers did not know before reading Morphomag. I am glad to give this information for free. I am thinking of writing a short e-book about Morphopsychology and I would love you to tell me what you would like to see in it. I hope you will enjoy M’psy path and that it will change your viewpoint on many things as it did for me.

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