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Morphopsychological portrait

Short portrait

Le portrait flash permet un premier contact avec la morphopsychologie. Pour un coût modique, vous pouvez entrevoir les possibilités qu?offre la morphopsychologie.

Short portrait allows you a first contact with morphopsychology. It is affordable and helps you to see what is possible with morphopsychology.

In a nutshell you will be able to discover the kind of person you are for other people. With morphopsychology you will know what people think (a customer, your manager, your fellow worker or your friends)?

You can extend this study by a complete picture, a coaching or any other possibility.

Send snapshots (face and side) and mention if you are right handed or left handed.

The complete picture

The complete picture as faithfully as possible traces your personality, your strengths, your weak points. It shows you your way of thinking, to analyze things and can explain some of your feedback and help you manage them.

Beyond your expectation, morphopsychology helps rediscover you as it goes to the deepest of yourself. It allows you to return to your first impressions, before your environment have ?conditioned you?.

The complete picture plan allows you to understand the reciprocal influences of your personal life compartments: (intellectual) brain activity, (sentimental) emotional activity and instinctive activity / active (action).

Finally, this portrait indicates areas where you might enjoy yourself, whether professionally or privately. This gives you guidance on what fits you the best.

Exchanges (communication) that follow allow an understanding and application of this information.

You are better in tune with yourself and your life is more calm and cheerful. You manage differently your relationships with your friends and possible (soon offered on this site) extensions provide welfare which allows a fulfilling life.

Send snapshots (face and side) and mention if you are right handed or left handed.

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