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Morphopsychology in human resources

The morphopsychology in human resources

A person who is bored does not give all his/her potential. It became notorious that the interest with work increases the result.

While acquiring the tools offered by the morphopsychology, the HR manager reorganize the agents towards competences which will get more satisfaction to them for mutual profit.

The morphopsychologist works out solutions for a greater satisfaction of employees while providing the tools for an individualized management of human resources.

As a morphopsychologist, I can accompany your company in the appropriation of this tools which can enrich your human stock management considerably: by the optimization of human resources.

Conference of Gilbert Prieur

Contribute to recruitment

Through the definition of the job to do, we determine the characteristics of the corresponding personality. The morphopsychologist translate these characteristics into morphopsychology, explains how to identify these characteristics on a face? How to take into account all the potentials of the candidate?

Attention: not to neglect assets which supplement the principal characteristics. By the dialogue, the morphopsychologist gives to the recruiter the tools for the examination of the candidates through a fine observation and a ?grid?. The morphopsychologist remains the referent in case of doubt but he cannot replace the professional of recruitment. Gradually the recruiter acquires the tools to be, autonomous and to profit from a reliable additional technique.

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