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Historical record of the morphopsychology

HippocrateHistorical record of the morphopsychology


It follows the researches initiated by Hippocrates, pursued by Aristotle then Johann Kaspar Lavater with the physiognomy and extended during centuries with Franz-Joseph Gall (cranioscopy)  Carl Gustav Jung, the “caractérologie” Heymans, Wiersma and the Seine, prosopologie Roger Ermiane, morphological types according to William H. embryonic slips types chronologically for centuries in the areas of the Franz Joseph Gall, cranioscopy of Johann-Caspar Spurzheim phrenology. Sheldon.

The inventor in 1937 of the term morphopsychology is Dr. Louis Corman, foremanager of the adult Paris Saint-Louis hospital psychiatric and founder of the Santiago de Nantes hospital child psychiatry service.

Louis CormanHe founded in 1980 French Society for Morphopsychology, who oversees this discipline in France. It publishes a quarterly magazine, delivers the diploma of Morphopsychologist and oversees certified teachers. He then founded the Association of the Morphopsychologists which develops business applications of the morphopsychology.

In recent years literature becomes abundant on the subject. Some do not hesitate to forward new theories on how to study a face far from from the founders’ theory. The French Morphopsychologie society (SFM) is the first organization to propose the teaching of the Morphopsychology in the world. The SFM provides over 700 days of training per year with his pedagogical team composed of 30 teachers certified in Morphopsychology.

The SFM has been created by Dr. Louis Corman in 1980, as a not-for-profit association. The SFM is the only body empowered to issue the diploma of morphopsychologist, following its founder Dr. Louis Corman guidelines.

French Society for Morphopsychology

The SFM publishes the journal of Morphopshychologie, quarterly educational nature, tool link between the members of the Association and with its theoretical research work. Board the Association des Morphopsychologues Council (CMA), Morphopsychologists association is an issue association of SFM.  Which is composed only with professionals. Very operational, the CMA form certified morphopsychologists leads to the writing of a memory on a free subject. The CMA work and to official and actual morphopsychology of individuals, businesses, communities, business applications development etc.

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Code de déontologie

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