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Video #6 to know how and when use Facial psychology

A new video to learn how Facial Psychology will help you. Private Life, Social Life and Pro’ Life are concerned.    to keep the videos free.

Free Video #5 Facial Psychology

Now we can compare two faces and watch beyond the first impression as to avoid mistakes and establish better relationship! Try it yourself and improve your skill.    to keep the videos free.

Free Video #4 Facial Psychology

Here is a new face. A teenager with a large face which hides a surprising maturity. Once again, not to stop at the first impression helps breaking the ice. This cheerful guy is wiser than he looks at first. Be careful with such a person (not even a teenager)! Watch the video and leave a […]

Free Video #3 Facial Psychology

This third video shows you more about Facial psychology. It explains how you can go beyond your first impression for your profit. If the first impression is positive it gives you accurate knowledge of the person who is in front of you. In the other hand, if your first impression is negative, it allows you […]

Free Video #2 Facial Psychology

  With Facial Psychology you will know who are your business relations, who are your colleagues… At last you will “Live in Harmony” and peace. Watch the videos carefully and download them if you wish, share with your friends and acquire the skill. Life will not be the same anymore.      to keep the […]

Free Video #1 Facial Psychology

I decided to offer you free access to Facial Psychology. Following this serie will give you the true knowledge as to enable you to really “read faces”. With this you will be the first to know this and understand people more than you can imagine. To help me keep this information free       […]


Nemopsy Gilbert Prieur, morphopsychologist (Corman method) « Morphopsychology studies the correspondence between face looking and the personality of a people » (Louis CORMAN) It is part of human sciences. It it’s a science as a strict method is necessary and it is universal. Morphopsychology gets its limits and its strong points. It allows to know one?s potential […]

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