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Morphomag #15E

Here is the new issue of Morphomag, the magazine on line for Facial Psychology (Morphopsychology).   A special issue to discover two famous composers Jules MASSENET and Richard WAGNER – new information thanks to Facial Pychology           Enlarge this document in a new window Self Publishing with YUDU       […]

Morphomag #14E

The new issue #14 is on line in English! One article to explain what you can do with Facial Psychology, the link to get the “Guide” for Facial Psychology before it is published at a real bargain price.     Enlarge this document in a new window Digital Publishing with YUDU You can read and […]

Facial Psychology – Morphomag013e

NEW Morphomag #013e is on line Steve JOBS’ profile What is FAcial Psychology fpm?   Enlarge this document in a new window Publisher Software from YUDU Spread the information

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